Non-digestive Signs of Wheat Intolerance

Many people find that avoiding wheat and gluten containing grains helps with digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, there are other signs that wheat may be affecting your health in a negative way.

1 in 7 people in the US have a wheat-related disorder. And it’s not really wheat’s fault. The fault lies in large scale commercial agricultural practices that have modified a wholesome grain into something the body can no longer digest. In fact, nutrition has been replaced by inflammation, and wheat is probably the #1 thing I recommend that my clients begin to remove from their diets, regardless of the issues they facing.

This is challenging to do, because wheat (flour) is found in almost every thing we eat. That fact right there tells you a lot about the connection between commercially grown wheat (even organic!) and chronic signs of inflammation.

Here are a few clues that wheat could be bothering you:

  • Chronic headaches or migraines
  • Weight problems
  • Low vitamin D levels
  • Brain fog and poor memory
  • Skin issue such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Joint pain or numbness in limbs
  • Digestive issues, IBS, leaky gut

The easiest way to see if wheat is triggering issues for you? Remove it from your diet for 1 week and see if you notice any changes. Rather than replacing wheat products with gluten-free alternatives that are full of highly processed, high glycemic flours, I recommend that you replace the wheat you used to eat with whole foods. Instead of your morning toast, have a side of roasted potatoes or fruit. Eat your sandwich filling over a green salad rather than between two slices of bread. And replace pasta at dinner with cooked brown rice or quinoa.

If you want more information on food sensitivities and how they could be affecting your health, visit my website.

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