Learning the Language of Your Own Mind

woman s face with light reflections
Photo by Eugene Golovesov on Pexels.com

Hurt feelings don’t vanish on their own.  They don’t heal themselves.

Your mind holds on to past hurts, and protects you by blocking you from experiencing them again.  However, these same blocks can hold us back from moving forward in our lives.

The key to unlocking these blocks is the subconscious mind. Through trace, regression and hypnotic suggestion, you learn the language of your subconscious.  By learning the language of your own mind, you can clearly see why you formed the blocks that you did.  And you can create new neural pathways while simultaneously removing old, unhelpful ones.

By reprogramming the subconscious, old negative beliefs that held you trapped are erased.  You are free to step into a powerful new mindset that creates the life you want. You are the creator and the healer.  You choose the language that empowers your mind to be more balanced, more peaceful, more content.

I help my clients to achieve true health by healing their mind, body and spirit. Through hypnosis, I also help them to clear out negative energetic blocks and past traumas by addressing the root cause.

Do you want to stop wasting time working it out for yourself, talking through the same issues again and again?  Are you determined to identify and tackle your blocks?  Are you ready to create your own mindset?

If you’re willing to take action, you will change the rest of your life.

Visit me at www.cristyjenkinswellnesscoach.com

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Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

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