Hypnotherapy – What Can It Do?


Hypnosis is a method of asking your conscious mind to go take a seat in the corner so that we can have a discussion with the subconscious mind, the part that is in control of our self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.  By talking to the subconscious mind, we can  uncover and reprogram limiting beliefs (often established in your childhood) and find the root cause of any mental or physical issue, pattern or behavior.

This method of therapy is gentle and you are in complete control of “where you go”.  You cannot be forced to experience a memory that you do not wish to experience.  You also cannot be forced to do anything against your will.  Hypnotherapy is simply a form of offering suggestions, and if you are highly suggestible (often people who have vivid imaginations), then you will easily discover what old beliefs you have taken on and are continuing to influence you today.

A single hypnotherapy session can accomplish what 10 years of talk therapy may not.  After all, if you could talk your way out of your issues, you would have done so already, right?   It can provide complete freedom and healing.  What’s amazing is that not only can it address fears, sadness and anxiety, it can also address physical issues in your body.  Your mind has control over your body, and when your beliefs are aligned with your greatest image of health, you will naturally fall into that.

What exactly can hypnosis affect? It can help to boost confidence and self-esteem.  It can change money blocks, fears and phobias, procrastination, self-sabotage, anxiety and depression.  It can also be used to address chronic pain, infertility, stress, bad habits and compulsive behaviors.  It can help you to reconnect with your self worth.  Your own subconscious decides what the issue is and where it needs to go to heal that.  So essentially, you are your own healer.  You heal yourself.  If you are ready, you will feel called to this mode of therapy.

I offer hypnotherapy combined with Neuro-Lingistc Programming, a powerful system of language that creates anchors in your own mind.  Each session is done remotely over Zoom or Skpe.  A session takes between 90 and 120 minutes.  Through regression, you observe experiences from your past a draw new perspective from them.  Your subconscious will bring forth exactly what you need.  Gaining a new understanding of these buried experiences is a liberating and transformative.  You then receive a powerful, personal recording that you listen to for three weeks to rewire your brain.  The changes are astounding.

You can find me here: http://www.cristyjenkinswellnesscoach.com

*During the month of April, I am offering a discounted price to help those dealing with overwhelming fears and uncertainties.  Enter the code “COVID19” into the “What Would You Like To Work On” field of the submission form to receive a session at a value of $65.  Normal price is $150.

Also, sign up to receive FREE hypnotherapy recordings to help with stress reduction and relaxation.

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