Going Inwards

20200403_152535As the days progress, and we shelter in place, our thoughts turn inwards.  As we put down our phones because we can only handle the barrage of headlines for so long, our thoughts turn inwards.  As we lay down at night, finally still in the dark with only our own thoughts speaking to us, we turn inwards.

And what do we find when we go inwards?  More questions?  What can I do? What should I do?  The answer is, if I cannot go outwards, I go inwards.


What is the most conscious, healthy, productive and effective steps that I can take right now?  What can help to boost my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health?

Maybe it is time to take meaningful steps towards better health in your own life?  What way of eating suits your health and strength best?  What way if moving brings vitality to your body?  What pattern of sleep nourishes your needs and promotes healing?

Maybe it is time to commit to practices that are more aware, more conscious.  What do I really need in my daily life?  What is simply a want?  What satisfies me and brings me true happiness?  What distracts me from what is really important?

Maybe it is time to pick up a spiritual practice long since abandoned? Or begin a new one?  Time to connect with belief in something greater than our small selves?


As we turn inwards and explore what this means for each and every one of us, remember that it is important that we all feel safe, that we feel loved, that we feel compassion for ourselves and for others.

Everything is going to work out.


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