Caring for your Immune System

20200314_130603In light of recent news that seems to be flooding our devices and inboxes, I feel called to write about how incredible our immune systems are, how many built-in defenses we have evolved, and what we can do to further support ourselves during times of stress and viral infection.

First off, know that you are the product of countless generations of humans who were survivors.  Your ancestors were people who survived drought, famine, war, invasion, plague and disease.  You have an intelligent, capable, adept immune system all ready to go, a part of your package.  Your DNA holds the memories of how to survive and adapt to the ever changing environment around you.  Just take a moment to acknowledge your incredible body and the wisdom that it holds.

Your body knows what it needs.  If we resist the urge to suppress it , we can listen to what it is telling us.  It speaks to us on so many levels.  Please don’t sterilize your home with toxic and unnecessary disinfectants.  The virus that you fear is not there, and you are compromising your delicate microbiome – those millions of tiny organisms that live symbiotically with us – all over us! – and care about our survival as much as we do.  Keep your home environment tidy and clean, more importantly keep your inner environment tidy and clean, and trust that there are invisible helpers, bacteria that know us well and support us on so many levels.


I recommend that you do not reach for a daily immune stimulant unless you are actively infected by a virus.  Products such as elderberry syrup are not beneficial to take every day.  These products although they may be natural, can over stimulate the immune system, cause overreaction and a cytokine storm.  Think of calling out the troops every day for battle when there is no enemy there.  Over time, your soldiers will be exhausted from all the “false calls” if a real invader finally arrives.  Save the herbal stimulants for times when you know you are in a real fight, and that your body could use the boost of support.

Step away from your phone.  Create space from stress and electromagnetic radiation.  Especially in the last few days, our devices have become a source of both of these.  Keep updated, but don’t spend hours scrolling through coronavirus horror stories.  Turn off your devices and routers at night, to allow your system to go into it’s natural deep, uninterrupted healing state.


Give yourself a break.  We are all coming out of the winter – a season when we are naturally burdened with a heavier exposure to viruses, whether or not we’ve had symptoms.  Many times, your incredible immune system destroys invisible invaders before you ever knew they were there.  Your body has worked hard all winter, through the dark months and perhaps not so great diet of sugary treats over the holidays, the dry indoor air that compromises mucosal membranes (our first line of defense) and the daily effects of stress.  This is a great time to turn your energies inward, to allow the body to gently cleanse and reset.  There are various gentle and easy fasts that are a great way to do this.


Also take this time to access your own life.  As we are cautioned to go out less, slow down and turn inwards.  Take a look at all areas of your life.  Where are you thriving and doing well?  What areas could be built up more?  I suggest that you gauge the following areas, as they feel important to you, maybe on a scale of 1-10:

  • health
  • physical activity
  • home environment
  • social life
  • purpose and direction
  • creativity
  • career
  • education
  • joy
  • spirituality

Look at the areas that scored low.  Brainstorm ways that you can incorporate more support of these areas into your life.  Now is a great time to re-access and restructure your priorities.


Finally, on a practical note, I suggest that you minimize the following in your life, in order to support all body systems:

GMO’s, sugar, antibiotics, unnecessary pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, heavy metal exposure, synthetic materials, sources of electromagnetic radiation, toxic cleaners and household products, preservatives, artificial foods.

Boost your intake of the following:

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, seaweeds, selenium, whole foods, fruits and vegetables, healthy sources of fat, clean water, quality sleep, time with loved ones, space to relax and breathe, laughter, things that bring you a sense of purpose and connection.

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.  Trust the innate wisdom of your body.  Trust that this will pass.  Know that you are never alone, not in how you feel, or what you are going through.  We are all in this together.

If you feel like you would like more information and specifics what would most benefit you personally, you can find me at




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  1. Thank you, some great advice there – stay safe and well yourself 🌿


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