Don’t Fear Potatoes

20191028_092924.jpgFor a while now, a lot of diet experts and Paleo enthusiasts avoided potatoes for reasons that were a bit unclear – because they’re white?  Because they are a starch?  However, if your blood sugar regulation and body weight are in good shape, you can totally benefit from potatoes.  The only reason to not include them would be if you are intolerant of nightshades.


Potatoes – yes, even white potatoes – are an excellent source of glucose, the fuel that your body prefers to run on.  And because your brain is basically comprised of neurons, it is the most energy-demanding organ, using one-half of all the glucose energy in the body.  If you’re feeling brain-drain, try eating more potatoes! 


When you’re on a diet that is heavy on proteins and fat and too light on the carbs – your body is forced to work hard to produce the glucose that it wants – and it can lead to binging.  It can also make you feel really hangry.


Potatoes also have a load of micro-nutrients including potassium, B6 and vitamin C.  Potatoes are high in fiber and can form a resistant starch when cooked and cooled, both of which are incredibly beneficial to your gut.  It is true that in the past, people have thrived on little more than a diet of potatoes.  Try adding more potatoes into your diet and enjoy the benefits.

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