Why Eat More Vegetables?

lettuce.jpgYou don’t have to become a vegetarian or go vegan, but adding more vegetables to your daily plates can make a big impact on your health.  People who eat diets high in vegetables are likely to a have a reduced risk of chronic diseases, like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

veggies cut.jpg

Vegetables contain nutrients like vitamin and minerals that are crucial for the health of your body systems. Vegetables are naturally low in calories and fats.  They give your liver a break, bulk up your gut with beneficial fiber and are full of antioxidants to aid your cells.  Vegetables provide complex carbohydrates that take longer to digest and help to keep your blood sugar stable, even when your meal contains other high glycemic foods.

cut tomato.jpg

Vegetables can be interesting!  If you ever get tired of eating the same basic foods – dairy, bread, meat…try more vegetables.  There are so many and they can be prepared in so many ways.  Try adding them to a curry or getting creative with a salad that contains fruit, nuts, and a variety of greens and colorful veggies.  Challenge yourself to add more vegetables to foods you already enjoy – like lasagna, pasta dishes, and breakfast hash.  Make it a habit and your body will thank you.

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  1. It’s always fun to find new vegetables and experiment.


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