Each Of Us Has Our Own Path


There is no one way of eating, thinking or being that works for everyone.  We are all unique individuals.  We all have our own special genetic makeup, our own way to responding to things.

A recent study followed sets of twins and fed them identical diets. The researchers fond that the twins’ bodies responded differently to the very same foods, had different microbiomes and tolerated different foods in different ways.  There is no such thing as another you!  You are unique and beautiful in this world.


So, just because a specific way of eating works terrifically for someone else, it may not work for you at all.  An exercise program that your best friend lost weight on might not be the best for your own body.  We all have different sleep patterns, things that we like to do to relax.  Some people love the scent of cilantro and others think ti smells like bugs.

For some, a plant-based diet helps them to feel their best.  For others, animal protein is necessary for them to have energy and focus.  Some people thrive on intense exercise programs, some like to run several miles every day or lift heavy weights.  Others prefer quieter methods of moving the body, such as tai chi or yoga.


Be gentle with yourself and allow your inner wisdom to have a voice.  It is hard to judge yourself based on what others are doing, or the results they have reached.  The Internet is a great source of information when you are curious about trying something new, but it can also lead you to believe that there is only one way (generally the way that is currently being marketed and sold).  We are all on a journey to find ourselves.  Honor your path and the paths of others.




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