Unraveling the Web of Stress


Discovering the roots of the stress we experience in our lives can  help us to better understand how to lessen it.  Often, the things that put pressure on us or that we worry about tend to sneak in under the radar, invading our subconscious and just generally draining energy out of our day.

Undetected stress creates a tangled web that begins to restrict our minds, our moods and our physical bodies.  By taking conscious look at stress in our life, we can find the first threads to unravel it. Asking questions and following the answers all the way down to the core issues is a good way to do this.  Here are some questions you might ask:

What the your main sources for stress in your life?

How to you typically cope with the stress in your life?  What do you do, or don’t do?

How do you relax within the course of your day?  What gives you the greatest sense of letting go and feeling completely at ease?

What do you find yourself worrying about?

How do you spend your days?  Is it a refection of who you are?  Does your work and activities bring you a sense of joy and connection?

What are your greatest challenges?  Both within yourself and in your outside world?

What brings you feelings of happiness and fulfillment?

Is there conflict between your mind and heart?  You must do this, but you want to do that…?

Are you where you want to be right now? Both physically and spiritually?

let go

Sitting down with these questions and allowing the answers to arise honestly from inside yourself it a good place to start.  Journaling or recording your responses may help you to see a pattern – where your energy is going, what is meaningful in your life and what is not, where to let go and where to move on to – and allow you to make choices that create the future that you want to make real for yourself.


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