Love Your Liver Dandy Mocha


DSCN9733.JPGYour liver is such a beautiful organ, working hard daily to remove toxic substances from your bloodstream.  People love to talk about detoxifying programs or recipes, and various plants can hep us with detoxification, but it really the liver doing the hard work.  Toxins aren’t always things floating around in our environment and food that we ingest. (But they are there, too). We produce toxins naturally as a result of our metabolism and the liver takes care of cleaning these up and removing them from our bloodstream.

The liver also plays a major role in hormone balance.  Many of our sex-related hormones are actually produced directly by the liver.  And other hormones produced elsewhere in the body rely on precursors made by the liver to get the job done.  And if your body becomes over-saturated unbalanced levels of hormones, all sorts of havoc can result.

The liver is also an organ strongly associated with the third chakra, and possibly feelings of anger.  Anger that comes from having your own power of choice violated, limited or invalidated by others.  Anger that results from feeling neglected or overlooked. Or anger that results from the inability to break free from being controlled by the expectations of others.  Energetically, the liver tends or harbor unresolved anger.  Helping to support this organ can help these stagnant emotions to move through and out of your body.

So, yeah – love your liver!


Enter…dandelion root.  Those sunny little flowers are popping up everywhere now that Spring is finally here, and while all parts of the humble little dandelion are edible and good for you, the root is a supreme tonic for the liver!  It helps to detoxify your detoxifier.  And while it is powerful it is also safe and gentle.  Taken daily, it can help to cleanse and stimulate your liver.  No wonder we see dandelions n the Spring – what a perfect time to support this hard-working organ!


I have discovered a great powdered dandelion root beverage called Dandy Blend. No, I’m not receiving any compensation to promote this and I don’t have a link to buy it through Amazon.  But I bet you can find it there.  I found it at a local health food store.  It mixes instantly with hot water or whatever liquid you like, and creates a very convincing coffee-like beverage.  All the benefits of dandelion – without caffeine.

You could also use dried dandelion root, but roasted dandelion root has a more pleasant, less intense flavor.  Then, you can simply make a strong dandelion-root tea and use that as your “coffee” base.


I like to make a completely unsweetened coffee-like beverage to support my liver at this time of year.  It’s super easy, dairy-free and a delight to drink – for some reason it tastes best when it’s not screaming hot but just at a drinkable temp.  The flavors just all come together in this really great harmony.


I thicken and smooth out this drink with cashew butter.  Cacao adds a chocolatey depth of flavor and turns the Dandy Blend into a delicious mocha.  I feel like I’m doing such a great thing for my body when I drink this, and it tastes like a treat!


Love Your Liver Dandy Mocha

1 c. boiling water or almond milk or coconut milk

2 t. Dandy Blend

1/2 t. cacao powder

1 t. cashew butter

optional: 1 t. coconut oil

Place all of the ingredients into a high speed blender and blend for 10 seconds until creamy and frothy.  Serve hot.

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