Hormonal Health for Women

Photo Credit: gylfphephoto.com

Women experience life in personal cycles that dance within the scope of a larger cycle, with full ranges of emotions, both light and dark.   These cycles  can bring on periods of great inspiration and creativity, and at other times can become deeply intuitive and introspective.  As women, are walking as natural barometers on our earth, reflecting the health or troubles of our times.  We are deeply tied to the rhythms of nature, and to force ourselves into the accepted modern world of productivity, technology and “doing-ness” can cause us to lose touch with our inner wisdom.

Having struggled with my own unbalance of hormones, I have learned the importance of listening to this inner wisdom, and following it even when it seems to go against what others around you are telling you to do.  You are the answer.  The answer is always inside of you; it always has been and it always will be.

Here are the keys to what I believe can begin to balance life for women, regardless of where you are in your cycle.  It is followed by a recipe to strengthen and tone your hormonal system.

Accept and Celebrate Your Self: What parts of yourself have you been led to believe aren’t good enough?  When viewed from a place of love and acceptance, they are actually your most powerful assets.  Celebrate the parts of yourself that you’ve been told don’t belong, or have no place in the world.

You’re too sensitive.  Sensitive individuals were once regarded as a King’s most trusted advisors.  They were also the most valuable in a tribe, as they could detect weather changes, threatening enemies and nearby predators before others could sense them.

You’re so bossy.  Often, women are labeled as bossy when they are decisive, confident and have strong leadership skills.

You’re not good at making decisions.  Those who consider decisions the most deeply often see facts that others miss. They are like the chess players who can see one potential play all the way through to check mate in their mind.

In my life, I’ve been told, “Cristy, slow down.  You’re going too fast.  You’re too much.”

But, this gift is my enthusiasm for life!  All things – there is so much to learn, to experience, to taste, so many places to go.  I’m excited to be here!   This is my gift.

When I am out of balance, it can be too much, I am moving too fast.  I have to check in with myself to find the middle, the place where I am full of passionate creativity, and let paced and deliberate.  Then it is the most wonderful gift.

Instead of judging your self, celebrate your self.  Allow yourself to be a full and complete expression of your self.  Instead of struggling not to be this or that, allow your gifts to speak to you.  Allow them to shine in a balanced way for your life.

Eat Well: You can stuff pretty much any edible thing into your mouth, chew and swallow it and you will survive.  A lot of people do.  However, I believe now that the more aware and awake you become, the more sensitive you will be to food.  To the nature of the food, what it is, where it came from.  The more I explored my relationship with food, the more I discovered the value in following my own intuition and reap the benefits of more energy, happiness and enjoyment of what I ate.  You will likely adopt a less inflammatory diet the more you tune in to your intuition, which will strengthen your system and balance hormones naturally.

Nourishing Rest: Explore your own way of coming to rest.  Do you need to write a list of things to do so that your mind can relax and turn off?  Does your body need physical stretching and deep breathing so that you can unwind stress and tension?  Do you feel best after talking to a friend or partner to process the events and emotions of your day?  Create rituals that allow your personal body to relax and prepare for deep restful sleep.  Listen to calming music, take a bath with essential oils, read a book that creates a sense of peace for you.  Turn off all electronics and avoid the television.  Work at being mindful, checking in with yourself to see what systems need to be shut down for the night.  Give yourself plenty of time on the clock for the amount of sleep that you need to feel your best.  You body does incredible things at night while you are sleep.  Allow your rest to be full, nourishing and complete.

Reduce Stress: This can boil down to one thing: Saying “No”.  Practice saying it in a voice that sounds kind and firm.  When someone asks you to do something, reply with, “I will think about that.”  Then, do think about it, check in to your heart and your intuitive gut as well as your mind.  If you are unable to do what they request at this time, let them know.  Without apologizing.  “Thank you are asking me to host the bake-sale but I am unable to commit to that right now.” Women are too agreeable, and much of our stress is created through serving and doing too much for others.

In our society, productivity = praise, income and success.  But why does it leave us feeling a little unfulfilled?  I just did all of this stuff.  So why do I feel like there is nothing left for me?

Find balance in your life.  Allow time for “non-doing” and rank that as important as your “doing”.  Be able to recognize, Oh I’ve been doing too much, I need to balance it out with some non-doing.  This does not mean more screen time or Netflix binges.  Non-doing should feel monk-like, yoga-like, peaceful and restful.  Do less and watch your energy and productivity soar!

Also, make an internal decision to focus on the things that you love about life, rather than the things that bother you.  Just notice the good things more.  Feed the feelings of gratitude and appreciation, rather than wanting and resentment.  Just give it a try especially in the last week of your cycle, and watch your irritability melt away.

Photo Credit: gylfphephoto.com

Hormone Wellness Tea:

Drink this beautiful recipe daily, with intention.  Instead of focusing on your pain and physical problems, envision of your vibrant, whole and healthy self.  Make a conscious choice to allow your body to find balance.  This healing drink can help with thyroid health, mood, libido, sleep, stamina and your cycle.

1 c. boiling water

1 t. maca

1 t. shatavari

1 t. ashwaganda

1/4 t. turmeric

1/2 t. cinnamon

Pour the boiling water over the herbs and spices.  Let steep 15-20 in.  Strain and add almond milk, coconut milk, honey or coconut sugar to taste.  This has a rich, earthy flavor.  It is grounding and balancing.  If you don’t enjoy the flavor as a tea, you can add it to a smoothie.





Here is a photo of myself in the midst of hormonal imbalance, and later, after applying the wisdom that I detail above.

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