Chocolate Almond Smoothie

dscn9308This is one of these great smoothie recipes that tastes like it should be bad for you, but is actually full of really good stuff.  Chia and flax offer omega-3 fats and fiber, cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar and it is sweetened only with frozen bananas.


Almond extract melds the chocolate, almond and cinnamon flavors and really takes this smoothie over the top.  I love that it has such a complete profile: fats, carbohydrates, protein.  Plus, chocolate!




This smoothie will thicken as it stands, so be sure to drink it right away.  This should be no problem.


Chocolate Almond Smoothie

1 c. plus 1T. unsweetened almond milk

2 T. cocoa powder

2 T. almond butter

1/2 T. chia seeds

1/2 T. flax seeds

1/2 t. almond extract

1/2 t. cinnamon

1 1/2 frozen bananas

Place all ingredients into a blender and process until creamy and smooth.  Top with sliced bananas, flax seeds and/or cacao nibs.


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