Apple Pie Smoothie

dscn9260A delicious smoothie containing fruit, nuts and spices.  Start with beautiful, creamy raw cashews.  These little nuts are so great in smoothies for adding texture, thickness and great flavor.


It is worth taking the time to soak the dates and cashews, as this is what gives the smoothie the “pie crust” flavor and creaminess.


Then just blend it up with organic applesauce and ice!  So good 🙂



Apple Pie Smoothie

1 c. almond milk, unsweetened

1 c. applesauce

1/2 c. raw cashews

2 t. vanilla extract

2 dates

1 c. ice cubes

Soak the cashews and dates in the almond milk 1 hr or overnight.  Place the remaining ingredients with the almond milk, cashews and dates in a blender.  Blend until smooth and frosty.  Serves 1-2.


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