Bad Things Don’t Happen to Bad People

DSCN9108.JPGThis morning, I woke up to snow – quite a bit, and the thick gray horizon that comes with moisture in the atmosphere.  It made for a combination of low visibility and the vertigo-inspiring flurry of blowing snowflakes.

Chaos is everywhere.  It occurs in every aspect of our lives, even in the midst of order and security.  Bad things happen, but they do not happen to bad people.  They do not happen to good people.  They just happen.  It can happen to us when we are children.  It can happen to us when we are adults.  It affects us when we take on a feeling of blame, of somehow asking for it, or deserving it, of trying to reason why we attracted this bad thing into our life.

Here is a way to untangle the emotional yarns that can bind you mentally and spiritually to the random and detached chaos that thrives in our universe:

Narrate: On paper, out loud or in your head, narrate the event.  Try to describe it as factually as possible, and if you were a casual observer, without attaching strong emotion to it.  Just lay out the story, the facts.  It can help to do this as third person.

Accept: Seek within yourself as you go over the narration.  Find a place where you can separate from your feelings and allow the event.  Simply accept that it occurred without reason, without punishment or judgement.  Accept what is.

Acknowledge: This event was hard.  It was challenging and difficult and impossible.  It took from your resources and really asked you to struggle. You did not do anything to deserve this.  You did not ask for it.  It happened, it caused, and now you are empowered to decide the effect.

Choose to Release: The final step to healing is to choose to let this event, and all the emotions tied up in it, to be released from your being.  It is wholly within your power, and it is fully your choice, to decide to do this.  To chose not to harbor negativity, to walk forward in life, as you are now, even as you have been changed by this event.  Your intention is all that is needed.  “I choose to release this chaos from myself, to move onward from it.  It does not serve me and I let it go.  I remain, and will continue to.”

“Each that we lose takes a part of us;

a crescent still abides

which like the moon, some turbid night

is summoned by the tides.”

– Emily Dickinson


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