Good Vibes

DSCN4668 (2)I discovered in a fascinating Scientific American article that all known matter in the universe is constantly in motion.  Vibrating, actually.  This includes objects that appear to be completely stationary.  They are  in fact resonating, oscillating, vibrating at different frequencies.  So ultimately, all matter is simply composed on various vibrations, of molecules and atoms.

Something fascinating happens when different vibrating things come into close proximity.  They will begin, after only a short while, to vibrate together, to sync up.  The term for this is spontaneous self-organization and it has been observed in fireflies – large groups syncing their flashes in a way that science has difficulty explaining and the rotation of the moon – synced with our earth is such a way that we always see the same face.

Based on these vibrations, all things that we encounter, from trees to insects to bacteria, can be considered conscious.  In the sense that they all have the ability to become conscious of the vibration of another thing, and to sync up with it.

What does all of this mean?  As humans it has been easy to allow many decisions to take place, changes to our earth, because “trees and rocks and microbes are not conscious.”  But what if, as Gregg Braden suggests, “There is only one of us here?”  And as Chief Seattle said, “Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

That really makes me pause and think.  Whatever I do to the web, I do to myself.  How have I acted, as a human being here in this life?  Have I treated the consciousness around me with respect?  No – a memory of slamming a kitchen cabinet in frustration comes to mind immediately.  Would I feel happier if I were kinder to my house?

I am sitting in front of my computer, looking over at the two Christmas Cacti in the window and wondering why they are both blooming now, together, after years of only greenery.  Do they know when I sit down and get to deep thinking?  Can they feel me writing?  Do they like the fact that I have a lamp turned on or am I keeping them awake, since the sun set hours ago?

In short, are they vibrating with me?  Am I too dull to know it?

Moving forward, how will I act and interact differently, knowing that everything around me is conscious and aware?  That there is only on of us here.



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