Why Skin Matters

DSCN8951I began creating my own homemade skin care products in my kitchen several years ago. I love very much were suffering and I decided to educate myself in order to help them.

My firstborn son was diagnosed with “eczema” that looked like a severe burn, and would sometimes bleed.  We tried an elimination diet, and went to various doctors and specialists.  They wanted to prescribe steroids and one doctor even recommended that I start giving him bleach baths.  (He was a year old at the time.)  I was using all natural baby care products, so I couldn’t fathom that they could be causing his severe eczema. However, the all contained preservatives, “natural” ones.  When I finally quit using all these products and began to make my own, homemade concoctions that would mold and spoil naturally after a few days, his eczema disappeared.

My mother is severely allergic to parabens and suffers chemical burns when her skin is exposed to them.  I began to learn more about the amazing healing properties of cold-pressed plant oils and extracts.  I made an anti-aging face cream for her that she has used for several years now with great success.

My sister suffered from Pityrosporum Malassezia Folliculits, a fungal acne that severely affected her cheeks and the sides of her face. She learned that many common ingredients in her skincare regime were feeding the fungus and aggravating her acne. I created a healing MCT oil for her, to help to regain balance on her skin, while preventing future breakouts. I use this oil myself on hormonal-related breakouts. It is effective and free of artificial chemicals, preservatives or additives.


Since I started making products for my family and friends, I have expanded into offering my humble line in extremely small, handmade batches to others looking for natural, chemical-free skincare.  I am striving to learn what works, what the body needs to heal and how to work with your skin, not against it.  If you would like to see what I have to offer, you can see my products on Etsy by following the link below:

Mariposa Skincare Line

I am also available for skincare consultations, as I have struggled with my own skin and been on a journey to learn what foods and what products work for me.  It’s been a lot of work but I am finally in a place where I feel like I have beautiful skin, glowing from the inside out.  (One key – eating a lot of vegetables!  see the all-green challenge! )

Thanks for reading!





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