Calling Yourself Back


Where are you right now?  Are you all here, 100%?  You might look down at yourself and say, “Yes, I’m all here.”

But are you really?

We tend to not be.  We tend to send ourselves, energetically, into the past or the future.  Is part of your mind worried about how your job review will do next week?  Then that part of yourself is not here.  Are you dwelling on a comment your sister-in-law made at the Thanksgiving table?  Again, that piece of you is somewhere else.

What happens when we are so energetically scattered?  It is draining.  We are casting ourselves into any time but the now, but the now is only the only time that we have any influence over.  What can I do right now?  How do I feel?  Where am I?

When we are not 100% present within ourselves, our actions are not 100% effective.  Because we are not whole.  We are distracted.  Imagine if you collected yourself up, called all of those many pieces of yourself back.  Some of them were dropped many, many miles back on the road.  Perhaps even in your childhood.  Or high school.  What is all those pieces returned and you stopped giving yourself away to past memories, incidents and hurts?  How incredibly powerful you would be!  And dare I say…happy?

Here is my procedure for calling myself back:  First, I take a quiet moment alone and center my thoughts, calm my mind.  Then I check in with myself; where am I?  What have I been brooding over?  Have I been obsessing?  Am I emotionally attached to something other than what is in front of me right now?  Sometimes it is so comfortable to leave yourself that you don’t notice that you’re gone until you call attention to it.

Once I have recognized where I am not present, I briefly decide whether or not there is value in remaining there.  Does my attachment to this other place help me or those around me for the highest good of all?  Generally, the honest answer is no.  If there is a lesson to be learned from the thing I am attached to, then I accept it with gratitude and integrate it into my being.  And ask that it doesn’t need to be repeated!

Then, simply using my intention, I call myself back.  In my mind, I visit all those places where I am stuck and gently take myself by the hand and lead myself back to me.  I usually imagine these pieces of me merging with my solar plexus area, my core being.  It feels relaxing and incredibly comforting to do so.  I feel more together, more with it, sharper, and yet my mind is more still.  I breathe deeply and with a smile, with great love, I welcome myself back.

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