Coming from the Heart

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I have been very interested in different healing modalities for as long as I can remember.  I have learned Reiki, a form of hands-on energy healing.  I have studied herbalism.  I have trained in bodywork – massage, trigger point therapy and myofascial release.  All of these have added to my own understanding of the body and how things work.  However, my work was sometimes effective, sometimes not.

I wondered why.

I tried harder.  By that I mean trying to make someone feel better, Trying to make a muscle relax and release.  Using my will to bring a person back to where I thought they should be.

And reading this I can see how ridiculous that sounds.  But that is what my mind decided to do about it.

In school I was taught, or maybe trained, to use my mind.  That the mind was the all-powerful master and the body just followed it around.  It I worked on someone, my hands were on them and making the changes, but my mind was the controlling force.  If I could not find an answer in my mind, then the answer did not exist.  The mind was simply the only power, all that was.  So that is all I ever attempted to use.

Then one day my own son was feeling very sick.  He had a headache and a stomachache that came and went with a great intensity.  He would feel okay, and then a moment later he would be moaning and closing his eyes, curled up on the couch.  I placed my hands on him, holding him, rubbing his back, massaging his neck and head.  I did not feel like anything I did was really helping him.  I could not touch his pain.

So I gave up trying, and I closed my eyes and just lightly placed my hands on his forehead.  I completely let go and just envisioned energy coming through my heart center and running down my arms, out through my hands and into him.  I stopped judging what I was doing, released all intellectual reasoning, and simply stayed with him, feeling this heart place, with pure love flowing out through me.

And the heart, I realized, was a portal.  It was not just my love coming through, but a gateway that opened out into an endless, universal love.  A tremendous force of creation and manifestation and healing, unbound by the limits of time or dimension or mortal form.

His suffering eased.  His eyes closed.  Gradually, he feel asleep.  However, I didn’t notice this at first because I was not accessing him and where he was.  I was just with him, both of us surrounded by this beautiful heart place.  He slept for some time and I rested with him.  When he woke later he was feeling much better.

And so was I .  In learning to let go, something greater than I ever could have managed through the power and will of the mind had occurred.


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