Learn to Love Vegetables

Easy and sooo good roasted cauliflower and roasted beets.

The cauliflower: Find a nice one, chop it up.


I like to cut them into mini-steaks


Throw it down on a pan.  Pour a generous amount of olive oil over.  Sprinkle with garlic powder, paprika and salt.


The roast it at 400 until tender and caramelized.  Half a head takes me about 30 min.  But I live at 7400 feet, so watch your oven!


So delicious!  I could eat this every night.

And the beets…same deal.  Chop up some beauties:


I chop them small so I don’t have to wait long for them to cook!  Toss ’em with olive oil and salt, black pepper.


Roast at 400.  Not so long for these – maybe 20 min.  Stir them around halfway through.


Ah, these are so tasty!

For me, enjoying vegetables is all about simplicity and quickness.  I like to prep them fast and then walk away.  When the timer dings I get instant satisfaction.  And these easy roasted veggies are something I really look forward to eating.

No recipe because this is just so easy and intuitive – make it yours!

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  1. Ikr, they’re delicious… some people do not know what they are missing 😀 Great post

    Liked by 1 person

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