When to Worry

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Can you remember the last serious thing you worried about?  Chances are, it wasn’t that long ago.  And chances are, your worry did nothing to change the outcome.

Now, take just a moment and think back – across the whole span of your life – was there ever a reason to worry?

I have spent a great deal of time and energy worrying.  I have worried about my children, about myself, about other people, about what is going to happen and what is not going to happen.  I have basically flung giant amounts of energy out into the universe, without purpose or definition.

My worry in internal and deep.  I think on it privately and obsessively.  Sometimes I will actually say, “There is something I need to be thinking about.  What was that?…”  And I will go looking for it!  Looking for the worry!

When I was young and my first horse was very sick and dying a friend gently told me, “Worry is interest paid on a debt not made.”

And looking back now, there was no reason to worry about my dying horse, who did pass over and left me with tremendous gifts.  There has never been a reason to worry.  Everything does turn out fine.  Everything is okay.  It is only my resistance – my fear – that causes the discomfort.  It makes me itch, causes a build up of energy inside, so that I turn to worry as an active way to release.  But this is false because there is no release.

When you last experienced loss, or change – was it final, the worst? The.Very.End?

Or did your life continue?

And did you grow and evolve and move on?…

And were there gifts that came from that experience?…

Can you look back on a moment where you can say, “Gee, I really should have worried more about that. I mean, I hardly invested any energy in it.  I think if I’d really burnt myself out fretting over it, things would have turned out better.”

Consider, it is an insult to worry over others – allow them the dignity of their own struggle.  Step in and help when you are asked.  Otherwise, hold space for them, be a container of support.

Also consider, it is useless to worry over yourself.  Instead of worrying, which is draining and powerless; use that same energy to manifest the life you want surrounding you.

When worry comes to your mind, say “stop” internally.  It is your choice whether you engage thoughts or not.  So make a conscious decision, and be at peace with it.  Let the worry arise and then allow it to pass, there is no need to indulge r to push away.

You are sovereign on your throne.  Legions await your command, ready and willing.  You can send them out until they are exhausted, hunting through forests for things that are not there.  Or you can gather the entirety of your forces, create the future that you most desire, and then step into that.

We are more powerful than we know.

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