Thought Investment

Gideon and I venture out on a very blustery day. We find a low spot, a place where there is a brief pause in the relentless howling. The wind arises and we stand still on the earth, allowing the breeze to lift as pass through our hair. It presses around on all sides but it does not move us. We can stand in peace, allowing the wind to be, and remaining ourselves throughout.

So many thoughts enter and pass through our minds every day.  So many, in fact, that we stop really noticing them.  It’s like a TV or radio continuously playing in the background.  Because we do not really notice them as thoughts, as manifestations outside of our true inner self, it is tantalizing to follow them.

However, it is not beneficial or even necessary to give energy to every thought that enters your mind.  It is okay to let some thoughts arise and pass without following them any further.

When you give energy every thought, like a horse startling at the blowing leaves on a windy day, you exhaust yourself.   You accomplish very little, if anything, and yet your reserves are drained.  The answer is to simply observe, without action.

It is peaceful to simply allow things to be as they are, without feeling pressure to change them, to solve them, to make them different.  When thoughts arise in cycles without end, as problems that cannot be fixed, you can choose not to engage, to let that thought go.  You may say, “I will look at this later when I am able to make a decision to change something.  For now, it just is.”

The mind can be such a busy place.  By becoming selective about what thoughts you do entertain, you will find you have much more to give them.  You may decide, “This idea is important to me so I will follow it further.”  And you may be surprised at the way it blossoms all around you, into a wonderfully creative new perspective, or an innovative new concept.  When your mind is not bogged down by millions of small distractions, it’s full potential is liberated to explore ideas worthy of your true genius.




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  1. What an inspirational post!


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