So…Is Vegan the Way to Go?

I don’t think so.  Here is why:

I do believe that a vegan diet can be very balancing and cleansing for the body.  Mainly because when you eliminate animal products, you are reducing your exposure to antibiotics, hormones and various chemicals.  Also, the adrenaline that is often present in animal foods.

However, long-term, meaning over the course of years, I believe that your body does become depleted.  Horses, for example,  are natural vegans and their digestive systems have evolved to digest tough cellulose grasses that other herbivores might starve on.  They have special symbiotic bacteria in their intestines that help to break down the plant fibers into necessary proteins and minerals.  I am not saying that the human body cannot do this, but I think it is harder.  It is more of a challenge and takes more nutrients to produce nutrients.

That said, I believe many people live healthy lives with 100% plant based diets.  I also think come people live their personal best with a higher intake of animal products. Idon’t think one way of eating works great 100% of the time and I think we were designed to be omnivores; flexible opportunistic eaters.  I think in primal man, if meat was available, it was consumed.  But I don’t kid myself to believe that meat was available at every meal.

I believe eating is sacred and consuming another being is a sacred act.  Not to be done casually, but with reverence and thankfulness.  Some plants have to die in order to be harvested.  The same with many animal products.  I think it is in the manner of how we receive this food that sets the energetic tone for how it will resonate in our bodies.


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