A Good Way to Eat

So lately I have been struggling with the idea of eating, the things that we take in to our bodies in order to sustain our own life.  For many years, I stuck to a paleo diet, eating animal protein at every meal and lots of veggies.  I believed that grains were bad, causing inflammation and raising my blood sugar.  I believed grains and sugar were responsible for my skin breakouts, bad moods and bloating.  So I ate lots of protein and lots of vegetables until one day my body just said, “I am eating too many animals”.

And then I stopped to really think about it.  Was I really eating Paleo-style?  Would a paleolithic human wake up to eggs AND bacon?  And somehow coconut oil and milk in a latte?  And then manage to hunt and kill a chicken for lunch and then have some beef stored away for dinner?  No way.  I don’t believe our grandmother and grandfathers had the privilege of access to such a wide variety of relatively cheap animal flesh.

So over the summer, I took the plunge.  What the hell?  I tried a vegan diet for 3o days.  And you know what?  I had a lot of gas.  And you know what else?  My skin became even clearer, it glowed!  My stomach became flatter and less bloated.  My moods stabilized.I felt really clean.  I did not feel weak due to a lack of protein or hyper due to crazy blood sugar levels.  I was stunned.  I kept waiting for the turn around but day after day I felt great.


(No that’s not meat – it’s sunflower sausage!!!!)


For the beans.  I was okay with soy products like tofu and tempeh, and even peanut butter.  But the beans – oh I just really have a hard time digesting them.  I tried to soak them, for several days actually,and to use kombu, baking soda, rinsing, sprouting.  No, my body just really struggled with the beans.

So what?  Where did that leave me?  Well, it left me where I am now – honoring the rhythms of my body’s needs without sticking to a rigid diet.  Except that I try to eat like my ancestors.  Lots of vegetables, especially starchy vegetables.  Moderate amounts of gluten-free grains (which I soak first).  Nuts and seeds.  Fruits are eaten like treats or desserts.  And I incorporate things like green tea and cacao because I enjoy them.  This way of eating works for me, for my body, at this time.  And I eat meat on occasion – once or twice a week.  This allows me to choose the highest quality, local, organic grass fed etc etc meat I can find.

Which leads me to my own back yard, and the dilemmas there….





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