The Root Chakra

Your chakras are the energy centers of your body and they have the capacity to store the memories of specific emotional and spiritual experiences.  There is a strong connection between the chakra system and your physical health or illness.  There are 7 major chakras, and they are positioned in specific places of the body.

The first chakra, or energy center, in your body is located at your perineum.  It is also called the base or root chakra.  The color is red, and I usually like to think of the rich red of jasper or red clay.


This chakra has strong associations with how grounded a person is.  It’s energy is tribal in nature.  Those with weak first chakras might have difficulty reading maps, they always seem to get lost.  They may be uninterested in gardening, have fears of animals, and have a spacey, ethereal personality.  Our root chakra grounds us to the earth like the massive roots of an ancient tree.  it is our stability and our base.


Emotional and spiritual traumas in our life need time to heal and process.  If we are unable to move beyond them, they can become lodged in our chakra areas and manifest in the form of illness.  The root chakra is associated with the bones, anus and rectum, and lower pelvic tissues.  Our “root” areas.

Some manifestations of illness from the root chakra might include broken bones, sprains, colon cancers, chronic low back pain, depression and pelvic floor dysfunction.  These illnesses can relate to how well we manage our physical world.  Are we “ungrounded” and flighty?  Do we believe that the earth is a safe place to live?  Are there intolerances between ourselves and our “tribe”, family members, close friends?  Are we going against the wishes of these people, and feeling turmoil because of that?

I suffered pelvic floor pain that could  not be medically explained or treated during a period in my life when things felt very unstable and uncertain.  It was time for me to end a relationship and I was struggling with accepting that.  As I worked through the emotional challenges before me, the physical symptoms resolved almost magically.

Sometimes, an issue in our lives may not register in our minds at a conscious level, but may resonate with our chakras.  It is useful to become familiar with each chakra and the associations with it, in order to better understand the messages our bodies are sending us.


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