How to Find Your Path


Okay, so this title is a little misleading. Because you’re already on it.

It’s tempting to imagine your path as a place just a few feet away from where you are now, if only you could find it. Right now you might feel lost in dark, thick woods, where the footing is not great and too many shadows are cast. You imagine your path should be a sunshine beam of glowing green grass where the walk is easy and good things come your way.

The truth is, you are on your path. Whether easy or difficult, you are always on your path. Where you are standing depends on where you have taken yourself. You always have free will. You always manifest the things that your thoughts create. So , start by accepting that yes, you are on your path.

Now – how to get to that better looking path? The happier, easier path? The path where you linger and take leisurely steps?

First, pay attention to your thoughts. Notice them. Write them down if you can. Our darker thoughts tend to be slithery and sly. They like to whisper in our mind without us consciously noticing them. They lead us into dark places. It’s easy to become stuck in the mud and ask, “how the heck did I get here?” Because you thought yourself here. And you believed it.

Now, create a new thought. See your brighter path. See the smiling faces around you, notice the scenery. Feel your contentment, the sun warming you. Don’t worry about how to get there, the logistics. Just create with your imagination, what it looks, feels, sounds and tastes like with as much detail as possible. Make it real.

And that path will find you.

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  1. MLB says:

    Everything takes balance. Night- day, dark-light, good-evil, fear-joy. Once unbalanced it takes real effort to get back into balance. Fear is Satan happy and in control, it is so easy for him. Peace of soul is God and more powerful than anything evil can do.


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