How’s Your Soup?


If I went to a high class, 5-star type restaurant, I think I would order their soup. I know, it’s the most mundane thing on the menu but I feel like a place like that should have really outstanding soup. Soup is a foundation. It’s basic and simple. You find stock and soup recipes in the front of a comprehensive cookbook. It’s something you’re meant to master in the beginning. But does that mean when you’re really great you get to let your soup go?

Soup can be really bad. I should know because I’ve made plenty of bad soup. I mean, with most soups you begin with plain water so its really up to the cook to turn it into something phenomenal. If you’re too timid, like I have been, your soup with lack dimension and flavor. Ah…carrots, celery, good old salt…oh wait is this a chunk of onion? Wow. Sometimes soup like that is okay, like when you’re sick and you can’t breathe through your nose or taste anything anyway. For example.

Good soup takes courage! You have to be bold. It’s probably the least anticipated thing to offer – no dinner guests get excited wondering what kind of soup you might start with – unless you have a reputation. For really fabulous soup! George Washington on a bicycle, what a I eating?! This is the most silken textured, spicy exciting thing ever to dance on my tongue and slide down my throat! It is unforgettable. While you’re eating it the rest of whatever the meal comprises of becomes a dull gray blob in the background. Soup!!!

If a soup was bad in said 5-star restaurant, I probably wouldn’t order anything else. I might even leave. Poor soup says you just don’t care. It’s tempting to put a lot of time into your Filet Mignon and brag about it. It’s easy to do the “big” stuff well because it feels more important. But your soup says more about you.

So today, ask yourself, how’s your soup?

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