Giving Yourself Permission

Have you consciously given yourself permission to develop, to grow, to change? To use the skills or abilities that have lain dormant inside you?

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that you personally acknowledge, to yourself and for yourself, that you are in possession of amazing abilities, that you can serve others, help others, inspire others and heal others. You see things as no one has seen them before.  You have ideas that the rest of the world needs to experience.  You are seeing yourself for who you truly are and allowing yourself to shine forth.

I think one step is to verbally state out loud, “I give myself permission to allow my abilities to shine. I allow myself to receive money in return for my creations and services. I allow myself to offer my talents and become known and acknowledged by others. I am blessed with gifts that I want to share with the rest of the world”.

As you say this out loud, notice how it feels. Is there a word you have difficulty saying? Does a tiny voice protest that you don’t deserve such and such? Pause and listen to this. Focus on whatever it is that causes discomfort, “I give myself permission to make money.  My offering is worthy of payment.”  Speak to yourself like a friend you really love and want to support. You believe in what your friend is doing. You know your friend will be successful. So give yourself that kind of permission.

You were born full of purpose, full of potential and uniquely individual.  You chose to come here.  You are important to the rest of us.  So give yourself permission to be exactly who you came here to be.



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