Inside Voices

Here is the opposite of intuition: painfully conscious, brain-grinding thought. The kind that you are encouraged to do at school. As if by sifting through the fact files of your mind you will conceive new, ingenious answers to really complicated problems. Not true.

The mind is great at imagination, creativity and giving form, color and lustrous detail to your manifestations. It is not so great at problem solving or decision making. Yes, that’s right. When you have a problem, what is the first part of you to jump in? Your mind, right?

A problem arises.

Mind: “Okay, I see we have a major issue here. I got this! Oh man…okay…let’s see…you could do this or this or this…or this…or that. I’m exhausted.”

The heart pips up: “I feel…”

Mind: “Shut up. I said I got this.”

Then your gut starts to twinge.

Mind: “I’m stressed out. I’ve got indigestion. I just have to figure this out and I’ll feel better.”

Gut: “If I could just say something…”

Mind: “No.”

Heart: “But I just feel that…”

Mind: “Ahh! Will everyone please just be quiet? I need to think here. I’m feeling tremendous pressure and you’re interrupting. Okay…so this or this or this…or this…or that.”

You know your mind is too involved when you hear a lot of mental chatter. Yes, you can hear your heart, your intuition, your higher self, your guides all through your mental “ears” as well. But you’ll know it’s your mind when you hear the same thing over and over and over without a feeling of peace or resolution.

The solution to this one-sided communication system is to consciously tune in to your heart and your intuition, your gut. Your gut reads the energy of the situation, your heart gives emotional input. The mind really benefits from sharing the decision-making burden with your whole, holistic, being.

How to do this:

Quiet the mind. The mind will resist. I know, you felt it just reading that, right? It does not need to, nor can it, turn off entirely. Just ask it to take a breather, a time out. Get down from the podium, grab a refreshment and join the rest of the team at the table. Achieve this through meditation. No, not for 20 minutes, no chanting, and again, your mind cannot and will not turn off. Simply breathe consciously and deliberately. In for the count of 4…hold for 4…exhale for 8…do this three times.

Then travel to your heart. Gently open your heart chakra – again, with your breath. See the soft green light of your heart chakra expand. Notice and emotions and sensations there. In the presence of this “problem”, what does your heart feel, what does your heart say? Often, it is not what your mind says and when our heart and mind are of differing opinions, we experience inner conflict. No matter how much rationality your mind has, if your heart is not on board it will not feel right.

Thank your heart. Now, drop down into your gut, your intuition. This can be an unnerving place. It’s very powerful and very sensitive, and often we’ve been blocking it in order to get through modern everyday life. Breathe deeply into the seat of your pelvic floor. Allow this place to awaken and expand. It can create a funny, vulnerable sensation if this is new for you. That’s okay. You are safe. You choose to feel this. Allow it to express itself. It will often come at once as a feeling that surrounds you, often completely wordless. It can feel very primal, very instinctive. It has already scanned the entire problem energetically and returned to you like a boomerang. Listen. It knows. Thank your intuition when you are complete. It works hard to keep you alive and well on this planet.

Now revisit your mind. Share the information you have received and allow all the pieces to come together, completing the picture. It may not make rational sense. It may feel “unlike” you. That’s okay. Try it on. Allow yourself the possibility. Experience the harmony of following a path where your mind, your heart and your intuition are aligned. Trust the input that you receive from your heart and gut, and integrate this into your whole being. They are sometimes misinterpreted, but they are never wrong.


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