What is the Wisdom Ranch?

Okay.  Here it is.  My very first blog entry, and I named it “The Wisdom Ranch” so it better be something profound.  Something epic and smart and really, really cool.


Here’s the truth, just me, who I am at this point on my journey.  And what I hope to offer you.  Here is the wisdom that the ranch has gifted me: that of a listener, an observer.  My nature is almost constant movement, and not methodical, laser-like, get-it-done movement, but rather like a flit from one interesting thing to the next movement, like a butterfly lost on a breeze.  So you can imagine how long it has taken me to develop listening and observing skills.  Yet they have always been a part of me as well, my gifts.

I’ve become more open to receiving information.  I’ve learned to ask questions – because so often we don’t, we just assume or suffer in silence, never asking for clarification – and I’ve listened to the answers.  They are remarkably simple.  Every time.

So why The Wisdom Ranch?  For me, wisdom expresses the ability to become still, to pause and tap in and listen.  It is the catalyst for profound change.

The ranch is the land, the ancients that are tied to it, the creatures that are called to live here, the subtle energies that are attracted and mirrored until a physical being has the courage to work them out and release them.

The Wisdom Ranch is about the courage to see yourself.  To accept what you are.  Whole and messy and beautifully complete.


“Knowing yourself is true wisdom” – Lao Tzu


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